Paith MacQueen's Birth of a Woman
Paith MacQueen's Birth of a Woman


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leana levinsohn

Paith takes you through an alchemical process to help you release any fear or resistance you might have. She has a massive treasure chest of effective tools to work with. This is deep and powerful work, and she creates a safe and beautiful vessel to do it in. Working with her was a true blessing, it was freaking magical, it was serious medicine. Paith is a rare gem! She is a profoundly intuitive, intelligent, fun and kind person ...the kind of person you rarely come across, and when you do, you take notice, and want to be around her. With that said, if you are considering working with Paith, do yourself a favor, and jump off the fence and dive in - it’ll be one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself.

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reena desai

I had the most beautiful and transformative session with the one and only Ms. Paith MacQueen. I chose to work with Paith because I naturally felt a comfort, feminine ease and passion with her. I felt like she saw me in my highest and best, which I couldn’t fully see yet. I remember from the beginning of our work together, I felt beautiful, treasured and like a Goddess just in our conversations and the energy she set. I remember immediately feeling a sense of power, aliveness and confidence in embodying myself. Paith is one of the most feminine coaches I have worked with. She is embodied and coaches from a place of deep softness and grace, while also challenging you to go past your comfort zone, to speak your truth and be the feminine leader you are meant to be.

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zsuzsi hussla

I just had a session with Paith, and I just have to say it was such a magical experience. From the first minute I talked to her to until we finished our session it was just pure comfort and enjoyment and also a whole shift in perspective. I’m so grateful, she holds a really sacred container that allows you to unfold and breathe and be whoever you are. She’s not changing you or anything like that, it’s embracing and uncovering who you really are, your true self, your gifts and it just feels so good.

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Amanda moxley

I took the leap to work with Paith and the experience was illuminating! I highly recommend working with Paith.

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bethany perry

I want to highly recommend Paith MacQueen, she is the most fabulous, luminescent coach. It’s just transformed how I feel about myself and how I am able to move out and further myself.


christina morassi

I invested in some time with Paith and it was unbelievable, it was really life-changing. I think I was even brought to tears a few times. Paith really holds this sweet, beautiful space for you. But then she also gives you real nuts & bolts.

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sybil henry

I just finished Paith’s  session, and it was so good  It’s  the most unique experience, and I was transformed, really I was transformed the first day! The first day is for clearing out any issues you may have that are limiting you or blocking you, and she does it with such grace and skill.  You feel more feminine, she heightens your awareness of your beauty. It’s almost like this spiritual celebration of your femininity and just a beautiful experience. I’m so grateful to Paith, and I’m so glad I said yes. I hope you do too, if you’re on the fence with this, gift yourself and check it out, because it’s incredible!

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bianca ricoy-cristobal

Since working with Paith, I've since given myself permission to listen to my inner voice and trust that I have the tools to do great things! Whenever I have, it has always led me to the right places at the right time. Removing the blocks from my body, largely fears, has felt like someone has handed me a million dollars and now I'm just enjoying the journey and figuring out
ways to spend it! Paith helped me do this! I am eternally grateful for the way she embodies the spirit of a leader and the support she has given me.