Paith MacQueen's Birth of a Woman
Paith MacQueen's Birth of a Woman


what are your prices?

Because each client comes to be at a different point in their pregnancy, and some clients are local and some are not (and would coach with me over Zoom) I cannot give an accurate picture of what your investment will be until we talk. In a complimentary consult I can listen to you, get to know you, ask you lots of key questions and give you space to do the same, and then if we feel like we are a match to work together, I will suggest a custom package for you based on your unique birth vision and goals. At that point we will discuss the investment and you can pay and join the program.

can you guarantee an empowered birth?

In short, your outcome for your birth will be a result of HOW much you open yourself to being coached by me, and how COMMITTED you are to showing up and keep making empowered decisions with me at your side. I have an amazing track record of helping my clients get into and stay in an empowered state while they are in container with me. You will rock your birth if you have a 'Yes' mindset and are highly coachable!

are you a doula or a coach?

I am a Birth and Postpartum Doula AND a transformational Coach/Master Healer with over 10 years experience working with clients. I bring my whole wheelhouse of experience to the table as your mentor including my own empowered birthing experiences and embodiment of empowered motherhood.