Paith MacQueen's Birth of a Woman
Paith MacQueen's Birth of a Woman




the Empowered Birth Year System™

Whether you are working with me as your Birth Doula here in the Boulder area, or online*, your Empowered Birth is our goal together. Beginning with having an unmedicated (or medicated but avoiding unnecessary medical interventions), home-birth-style birth absolutely anywhere you choose (home, hospital or birth center), feeling incredible pleasure during your birth, and culminating with Birthing Your Ultimate Power as a Woman™, my Illumined Birth Technique™ is a system that will awaken you, your body and your baby to co-create the most epic, empowered, pleasurable and joyful birth year of your dreams.

To create a bespoke package tailored to your birth year goals, we will speak in person over the phone (when you apply here), and create something magical together that feels like a true fit for your birth dreams and goals.

*My birth packages are also offered in an online format where we meet via Zoom for all of your sessions, and I am on call during your birth via Zoom, Phone and Text. This program is a complement to your local birth team.

Serving Colorado local women in: Boulder county, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Superior, Westminster, Broomfield & Adams county, Colorado.


Some benefits of working with me:

  • Avoid unnecessary medical interventions

  • Stay in control of your birth, make decisions from an empowered place that speaks to your soul

  • Avoid repeating your own mother's experience of birth/postpartum/motherhood (unless you loved her story and want to repeat that!) or women you know who had traumatic/disempowered experiences

  • Avoid postpartum depression that typically is triggered by traumatic birth experiences

  • Finally overcome your nagging self-sabotage patterns and prevent them from showing up in your birth year

  • Mentorship and guidance for the X-factor of Birth: receive Evidence-Based guidance from me on ANY surprises that come up during your birth year (pregnancy, birth, postpartum) to assist you in making informed consent or informed refusal medical decisions from an empowered, peaceful and confident place. (I will show you ACTUAL research on your particular situation so you can inform yourself and get into and stay in an empowered state about the decision you make).


Potential outcomes of receiving my transformational coaching and master healing gifts during your birth year:

  • Have an empowered, pleasurable, easier, quicker, spiritually potent birth

  • Birth your ultimate power as a woman

  • Be the beacon as a new mother that everyone wants to be/looks up to

  • Use your motherhood journey as an ACTIVATION of your voice, your intuition and your spiritual power

  • Have a birth and postpartum that INSPIRES your own birth team


ready to go? Apply here for a complimentary empowered birth™ consult to see if we are a match for your birth and to discuss my packages!


Pictures credit: Eden Photography of Paith MacQueen

Pictures credit: Eden Photography of Paith MacQueen

Stage 1 - Foundations for empowered Birth™

In this stage together you develop your Birth Vision, and receive a training and transmission of the Empowered Birth Technique™ and learn the 3 Core Pillars of Empowered Birth™. In my highest-tier program, you meet me at a local retreat for a 'Day Away' to give you a feminine retreat and rejuvenation experience while we lay the foundations for your Empowered Birth™.

You will receive a healing experience with me in which you will clear cellular patterning of trauma, ancestral trauma, birth karma and layers and layers of history to free you to have the birth you are designed to have.

The outcome of this stage will be total clarity on your birth plan (including protocols for your unique birth experience, a written plan of how you and your team will respond to any surprises that show up and the natural remedies/tools/methods we will use to address the situation.) for your birth team to read. You will also receive a direct training from me on how to move your body during the remainder of your pregnancy and each stage of labor and delivery to optimally position your baby for easier, pleasurable and quicker vaginal birth. Note: we will also do this if you have a planned c-section. Working with your body prior to surgery we can help you have a much easier recovery and empowered experience of what we call "belly birth". We will discuss and make plans for how you will show up in an empowered way to any birth events that are not within your vision such as any medical interventions you consciously say yes to based on changes that come up, so that nothing feels like a shock or overwhelm to you.

stage 2 - partner co-creation for Romantic birth

In this stage I meet with you and your partner to address your relationship, expectations for the remainder of the pregnancy, during your labor and delivery as well as postpartum. I coach you together into a unified, co-creative mindset and assist you to move out and heal any emotional blocks between you. Using my Empowered Birth Technique™ I will help you create a vision for romantic, connected and unified birth, and empower you both to step into and own your unique role for each stage of the birth and postpartum.

The outcome of this stage will be you and your partner feeling free to open to love and to each other in a deeper way than ever before for the remainder of your pregnancy and during birth and postpartum. You can have a very romantic birth with the intensity of love, mutual respect and appreciation dialed up to a 10, as well as me holding space for you two to use closeness and connection during labor as a superpower for pleasurable, easier, quicker birth

Pictures credit: Eden Photography of Paith MacQueen

Pictures credit: Eden Photography of Paith MacQueen

Pictures credit: Eden Photography of Paith MacQueen

Pictures credit: Eden Photography of Paith MacQueen

stage 3 - Nourishing flourishing postpartum™ prep

In this stage you and partner gather with me to learn the elements of Empowered Postpartum™ from a physical planning standpoint, learn the ins and outs of postpartum challenges such as physical, emotional and spiritual recovery and how you need to plan to effectively CLOSE the birth window directly after birth. Learn specific and simple ritual and ceremony you can use after birth to integrate the intensity of birth (yes even empowered births require a dedicated and specific integration experience!) create a completion of the birth window and enter into a new phase with clarity and ALL of your energies available to you. Identify YOUR unique needs as a feminine woman and soul that will need to be nourished during postpartum and create a plan for getting those needs met.

The outcomes of this stage:

  • Using my Postpartum SOS Guide, you will create a clear procedure and plan for support for the many elements of the postpartum time that most birthing women overlook (such as meal planning, physical support for recovery including massage and healing sessions, help with your children, house-help, addressing sleep issues and exactly WHAT I recommend you buy for early postpartum recovery as well as my vetted list for baby things from newborn to 6 months (save hundreds of hours of research)

  • Create a plan for slow re-entry to your routines using my Empowered Birth Technique ™ including: when and how to move your body in early postpartum (how to strategize this according to your body's unique recovery needs), tips for how to eat for deep nourishment and quicker recovery plus ample milk supply, herbs to nourish and aid your body and prevent/clear nursing issues, recommendations for embedding strategic social interaction into your new life that uplifts you and prevents depletion (mindfulness around WHO you visit with and WHEN).

  • Clarify your partner's needs and roles for postpartum so he/she can be resourced, filled-up and feeling loved and empowered as the co-creator.

  • Empowerment around sex and intimacy with your partner in postpartum and how to embrace your NEW sexuality as an empowered mother and sensual, sensitive, creative woman

  • Life hacks for shopping and meals that save you time and keep you in the postpartum, nourishing, flourishing cocoon

stage 4 - empowered birth™

In this stage I am on call from 36 weeks on (my phone will have your number on breakthrough so you can reach me at night too). Once you are in labor, you will call me and we will go over your symptoms to discuss how soon I should meet you. Based on the birth plan we create together from Stage 1, I will be meeting you either at your home, hospital or birth center to be your sister, mother, empowerer and VOICE beside you to help you have the birth you KNOW you are meant to have as you journey through the arc of birth (early labor, active labor, delivery of the baby, delivery of the placenta, first latch, and final integration for 3 hours post-birth).

During this stage I will be offering soothing touch/healing to help manage pain and to bring peace and grace to your body. I will help you move your body using my Empowered Birth Technique™ for optimal baby positioning for easier, quicker birth. I will empower your partner to carry out the role you planned ahead in Stage 2. I will provide you Evidence Based Research for any surprises that come up so you can make empowered, confident informed consent or informed refusal decisions, and resource you with my wheelhouse of natural remedies/methods/protocols for natural birth as decided ahead of time in Stage 1.

Outcome of this stage: I will give you my heart, my soul, my full, devoted love and attention to assist you to EMBODY and create the birth of your dreams, and hold the space for you to show up empowered in each stage so you come out of your birth experience glowing, proud of yourself beyond words and deeply in love with your courage and power and of course deeply bonded to your beautiful baby and partner.

Pictures credit: Eden Photography of Paith MacQueen

Pictures credit: Eden Photography of Paith MacQueen

Pictures Credit: Eden Photography of Paith MacQueen

Pictures Credit: Eden Photography of Paith MacQueen

stage 5 - empowered postpartum™

In this stage I will visit you within 48 hours after birth. During this visit I will assess your personal needs from physical to emotional to mental to spiritual and provide an integration/healing session/ceremony for you to close and complete the birth experience. During this time I will look for any gaps in your care plan/team or issues that are draining you and help you make empowered decisions to make changes quickly so that full recovery can take place.

Through my Empowered Birth Technique™, I will help you embrace and be born as a matriarch and new mother, so you love who you have become as a new woman and truly embrace this stage with zeal.

I will resource you with professionals I have personally vetted and experienced (save hundreds of hours of research I have done for you) for aspects of postpartum such as: yoni steaming, massage, milk bath ceremony, ayurvedic treatments, holistic pelvic care and so much more and make specific suggestions tailored to you as we go.

I visit you 1 x month at your home during your first three months postpartum to reassess your physical/emotional/mental/spiritual needs, your environment and your care team to see where you need advocacy, tips, resources and help you take the necessary steps to ensure you keep recovering gently, beautifully and gracefully.

We gather together on Zoom on your smartphone EVERY week for 3 months (except your in-person visit week) so I can listen to your experience, provide coaching for ANYTHING that is coming up with your well-being, your baby (including sleep or milk supply issues) as well as your partnership and extended family.

I will be reading and referring to your Postpartum SOS Plan as we created together in Stage 3, to reference ideas/plans for ALL the needs you have during postpartum and advocate for you to get those needs met and keep making adjustments as needed based on changes that come up.

I will assist you to assess your plan from Stage 3 for how you will resume some of your normal activities in gentle stages, make adjustment as necessary, carry out your plans, and reflect together on how you are progressing and where you need to slow down and where you want to add more to your life, during our Weekly Zoom sessions on your smartphone or computer.

Outcome of this Stage: You will fully, softly integrate the birth experience you had, you will experience real recovery of your energy, you will master empowered response to the events of your life during postpartum, you will embrace your new role as a matriarch and become the beacon of empowered motherhood in your own unique way.

Ready to go? Apply here for a complimentary empowered birth™ consult to see if we are a good match for your birth and discuss my packages!

Still have questions before you're ready to jump on the phone to meet me?

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